Grand Prix 2016 Club 25mile Time Trial Results

Another stage in the clubs 2016 Grand Prix series is over.


A well attended event saw Stuart Robertson set the first marker with a finishing time of 1:12:13 and no-one managed to overtake this giving him 1st place.  Unfortunately Stuart was so fast our last minute stand in club photographer didn’t manage to capture his moment of glory.

Thanks to everyone that came along for the evening including the organisers and time-keeper.


Emma Westmancott took top spot for the ladies with an impressive 1:19:27,will Emma’s outstanding performances on the bike this season win her the ladies trophy only time will tell.  Confidence doesn’t seem to be an issue at the moment but with Vicky Armstrong hot on her heels she will have to be stay totally focused over the final four events.

As is becoming the norm with our club events it was a pretty eventful evening with more lost contacts, downhill head to head sprint finishes, a distinct lack of padding, the odd dodgy s-bend passes, and for the author at least, a target just out of range.

Finally a massive thanks to our stand-in club photographer Stephen Spellacy!!

Why not have a browse of the event gallery where has has certainly captured some fantastic moments

Event Results

Grand_ Prix_2016_25mile_TT

Event Gallery

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  1. Alex says:

    Great report Neil, well done.

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