Weekly Bulletin 20-06-16

Massive congratulations to Neil Jeffrey & Stuart Garner on completing The Lakesman this weekend.

Stuart completed his first ever full distance triathlon which in itself is a massive achievement.

Well done to everyone else taking part in events over the weekend, your pain would have been no less felt than Neil & Stuart.

On to events closer to home another big week for the clubs grand prix series with the 25 mile TT taking place on Thursday – good luck to everyone have a speedy and safe race.

Tuesdays swim set is still TBC with further details to follow.

Following on from last week the ride/run session on Wednesday will be 2 x 10km followed by 6 x 3min run efforts.

Fridays run session will be a hill based set(TBC).

Sunday’s swim session will be a CSS threshold session.

The race season is now in the big ring with a high cadence.  Good luck to everyone taking part in the various events being held this weekend.

And last but by no means least things could get nasty over the next few days with the girls v guys relay challenge at this weekends ‘A Day in the Lakes’.

With the trash talk having already started last week one wonders what this week will bring as the pressure mounts to find out which gender is the top at tri…….

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2 Responses

  1. Kirsteen Kellock says:

    Fantastic and a huge well done to both. Not sure if you are doing race reports for events. James did really well in the Highland Cross . It is a hard 50 mile Duathlon in Glen Affric.if you are doing reports I could get him to do one. I realise it is not a triathlon or a huge event like an ironman but may be of interest as a future event for some

  2. Neil Boyd says:

    More than happy to get any race reports Kirsteen, congrats to James too.

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