Weekly Bulletin 27-06-16

Another big weekend in the racing calendar with a Day in the Lakes and ArranMan being our featured events.

The guys earned bragging rights in the ‘aDitL boys v girls relay challenge’!!!  Well done Craig, Gordon and Neil, there is always next time ladies!!!!!

A huge congrats to Ian Clark(ArranMan) and Kevin Plummer(aDitL) on completing their half-full distance events.  Ian managed to knock a massive 49min off last years time, which is a huge improvement,  Kevin also set a great time and even had enough spare to take a punch and give one back later.  Did the boys squad really pay him to try to take out Ann?  We may never know but the rumour is out there now…….

Well done to everyone else taking part in an event over the weekend.

Locally the Run 4 Health was well attended by a few of our athletes, with the Kelloch and Boyd families making the most of the day out(congrats to all their kids who no doubt will real soon be whizzing past the respective parents).  Scott Wilson was the first finished from the club, unfortunately for him it isnt in the club’s grand prix but he did set a fantastic time by all accounts!!!

Our 25mile TT winner Stuart Robertson powered through Sunday’s CSS & Kick swim set and on current form he will be one to watch for the rest of the grand prix!!!

Tuesdays swim set will be focusing on catch and pull through.

Wednesdays session is still TBC.

Fridays run session will be a recovery run(i’m sure some have earned it)!!!!

Sunday’s swim session will most likely be a CSS threshold session, still TBC.

No doubt the following weekend will see more swim, ride, run and please as little boxing as is required…….good luck to everyone taking part in all their upcoming events.

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